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Good day to all users, support,  admin and owners,,   I hope we could a include a RAIN BACK feature aside from rake back,,,   where in specific users will receive coins every hour   without doing any chat activity as long they have received a certain level or depending on your requirement (from the side of BCgame).. At the moment there is hashing algorithm but u need to be online and click coco.. in this RAINBACK feature will make it a lesser effort on the part of the user, its like their account is mining on itself... Since its level system here in BC game... they need to reach a certain level (depends on the side of BC game) what coin and how much to give... but certainly it'll be fixed amount and time interval too, Like  0.01$ worth of coin in every hour or every 2 hours whichever BC game can.. 

I hope the owner n staff would consider this suggestion..                       God Bless to all

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