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Hi lo in-a-rainbow

Monstrous Eberto

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Bc.game Hi Lo game has a few changes to it that differ from what I've played elsewhere. thus making it a unique version of the game Hi Lo. The change i like most is that we are aloud to skip 51 cards in a game giving us way more chances to better our odds to win and have more cards which also means higher payouts. the change i dislike most is that the result card (final card) that ends the round is not the base card (start card) of the next round. A change im unable to decide if i like or dislike is that there are either 4 or more decks being used, or once a new card is drawn the one prior to it get shuffled into the deck. this makes it rather difficult to know if im playing with just one deck, or if im playing against 4 entire decks. im not seeing any information about this in the game. 

I'm assuming they use one deck and once a card is dealt it is put right back into the deck of 52 cards and shuffled each time a card is dealt. Thus, making it completely random because the chances of drawing a card remains the same the entire round of game play. this being said, there's simply no way for you to base judgement of the next card based on the previous card(s) played. and this is where i'm still undecided if i like this change. because it removes the ability to count cards. which is a this also means that graphing out the probability is simple and anyone with basic understanding of cards is in a pretty good position win.

despite not knowing the exact way the cards are dealt, The fact is, the probability does not fluctuate as you play the game. So long as you understand that the card that was just dealt can come out next you know why the win and lose chance are constant and dont ever change.

heres another way to help understand what you're probabilities are while playing Hi Lo. because im terrible with numbers and Math, i relate Hi Lo with a rainbow. see the picture below;


in-case you want to use translate to understand the picture here's what i wrote in the picture above;

(at top in red) say's,

"the best use for your skips would be to use them on 7's, any time you are dealt a 7, your chance of winning is 53.85% High Low or Same. to be more precise, you have a 46.16% chance to Win Higher, 46.16% chance to win Lower, and a 7.69% chance it will be the Same.

Stay centered and use skips if dealt a 7. Since BC>GAME gives us 51 skips, you can use them on 6's and 8's as well." 

 (at bottom with leprechaun) says, 

"Vibrant Colors

in other words the real rainbow colors, means bigger payouts but also means lower win chance.

the pot of gold is never an easy find, but is a find worth seeking"


hope this helps someone to win 🙂 thanks for reading. 

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