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JB coin plan?


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What is your plan for JB coin? 

I have some suggestions. 

First why not make some shop for JB coins


1Million JB for 1$ worth of cryptocurrency of choice.

2.5Million JB for 2$ worth of cryptocurrency of choice. 

5 Million JB for 4$ worth of cryptocurrency of choice. 

And so on and so forth. 

And for the vip's they will have a discount for buying like vip4 5% discount vip5 10% discount vip6 15% discount and so on and so fort. 

You can also changethe purchasable item to vip tag for a limited time. 


1m JB for 1hour vip4 tag.

2m JB for 2 hours vip4 tag. 

What do you think everyone? 

Comment your on suggestion. 

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Under your plan it would make no sense to exchange more than 1$ at a time...usually the bulk discount goes the other way lol. It shouldn't get more cost prohibitive the more you try to exchange.  

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