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Jesus christ will an admin please help me????


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I've been locked out of my account for days, when i signed in it threw me into a new account. I contacted sup[port, uploaded info for KYC to [email protected] as instructed by "Badger" in the support chat window. I've gone to telegram and messaged Yoko Hall as I was instructed by support to do.

she still hasn't bothered to even read my messages for days no matter if i pm her when I see her online or not.

Just... will ANY ADMIN who gives a damn please PLEASE help me regain access to MY account!!!!!?????!!!!!

i'm lucky enough to have stayed logged in on the forum. 

I cannot send a password reset to my email.
when i try to log in, i get a red popup stating "your account is at risk, please change your password via e-mail."

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