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Creating a minimum wagered amount to be eligible for rain & drops


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 BC.Games has seen substantial growth to its player base over the last year. The community growth is a testament to the dedication and hard work the BC staff and loyal player base. While this growth is welcomed it has also caused issues surrounding the rain/drop system. Currently, BC.games has many accounts that use bots to obtain these drops. This abuse of the reward system is occurring at an increasing rate. This abuse causes frustration among many players who regularly deposit and play on BC.

     I propose that a minimum daily amount must be wagered for players to be eligible for rains and drops. Creating this minimum daily wager will decrease the number of players that "farm" rains and drops while also promoting wagering on the site. I believe that doing this will reduce the frustration among players that regularly play/wager because the pool of players eligible will be reduced. 

A minimum amount of at least $20 USD to be eligible for rain/drops would promote more wagering on the site while attempting to reduce the number of players that "farm" rain and drops. 

Those that Sign this petition please forward this to support and admin with a suggested amount of daily wagering to be eligible for rain. 


Please Sign Petition at 



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sounds good. And about time bc game got control over amount of  spam in chat.

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