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How to improve bc.game for the better


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Hello everybody,

First, I would like to say a big thank to this BC.Game project to have a real platform where "casino" and the "player" are equal. Because finally a real no cheat casino is appear to reward smart players and users.

Second, I have some suggestions and recommendation to improve this platform:

- The site is a bit too slow compare to other sites:

+ Even after I close chat bar/zone, the server still tell me new messages and total number of message on the notification, which mean the front-end user need to spend resource in order to receive that data. => You should disable that, user should only update receive new data once they open the chat box.

+ The default history page should set as "my bet" instead of "all bet from all other users". Here I mean for registered player, not the "guest".
+ The turbo bet for auto is too slow => You should increase and have something like "slow speed" - 1 roll/bet every 2 second, "medium speed" - 1 roll/bet every 1 second. and "fast speed" - 1 roll/bet per 0.5 second.

- There is a bug in the Wheel game where player cannot play auto, they need to open the tab in order for the game work normally. Other games they can play auto while do other stuffs.
- The drop box "Games" button appear 14/16 games on PC, you should allow and display all 16 games so player do not need to scroll down.
- The wallet drop box
+ You should either display and show on top the cryptocurrencies they have balance >0 on top first, and the rest below. 
+ Or you can allow player pick their favorite wallet and display according the favorite wallet first, and non-favorite wallet later.

- You should game some bounty/reward for any user/players who either have some new valuable ideas/suggestion or report some bugs on the website.

Thank you very much,


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